The Difference Between Customers and Clients

When I think of customers I think of commercial transactions where someone is trading money for something in a brief exchange, like buying candy. You may not buy your candy at one place exclusively either, nor be willing to drive across town in order to acquire it.Jerry Deas, Pacific Motorsports Client next to BMW f30

The transitory nature of the exchange, coupled with a focus on convenience as a primary determiner, are hallmarks of the customer mindset. Additionally, the vendor may not interact much, if at all, with the customer, as a purely commercial transaction doesn’t require any kind of relationship.

A client is someone with whom a long-term relationship can be forged, and one that includes shared history and knowledge. Doctors and accountants are the kinds of vendors or service providers that are often associated with such a long-term professional relationship. We purposefully choose to see the same doctor and utilize the same accountant because history and knowledge of a situation are valued. And we believe that we, at Pacific Motorsports, are also the kind of service provider with whom our clients have such a professional relationship.

Having a history between such parties enables not only better service, but a more efficient application of such service, as both parties have shared knowledge of which they are aware. Jumping from provider to provider negates that opportunity. Each visit requires the acquisition of baseline knowledge and familiarization, eliminating the possibility of building a history,

At Pacific Motorsports we believe that we can do a better, more efficient job because we know our clients and their cars. The shared history allows us to “get to the point” much more quickly, which greatly benefits our client, the vehicle owner.  That we have clients from as far away as Eugene, Seattle and the Oregon Coast attests to the fact that we are not alone in this assessment.

At Pacific Motorsports we have clients, valued clients. We value their continued business, or custom, as it used to be known, and they value our respectful professionalism and friendly approach. This attitude, that we have clients, people with whom we have a long-term shared mutually beneficial relationship, informs our attitude and approach to how we conduct our business. This is but another reason how and why we provide A Higher Standard of Service.


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