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Would you go see your neighbor the dermatologist if you were having migraines? They’re convenient and went to medical school, after all. Is that a Best Practice approach to life?

It’s amazing how many people engage in a similar thought process when it comes to their automobile, thinking that any mechanic can repair any car. It’s possible, given enough time and trial and error, that that could happen. But, with all of the specialized knowledge, tools and computer diagnostic equipment required to properly service today’s complex vehicles, the chances aren’t great.

We believe in specialization here at Pacific Motorsports, because we don’t believe that everybody can do everything in today’s increasingly complicated world. Everybody doesn’t have the training, experience, information, equipment, facility or orientation to do everything. That’s why upon our founding in 1996 we decide to specialize, and BMWs are all we service

Our Best Practices approach includes:

  • We service BMW and MINI vehicles exclusively.
  • We have factory-trained Level 1 Master Technicians exclusively.
  • We have the latest BMW and MINI factory diagnostic and programming equipment.
  • We use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts unless a superior one has become available.
  • We have over 26 years specializing exclusively in the service and repair of BMW and MINI automobiles.

We are not a German, European or Import shop, we are The BMW Shop.

We take what we do seriously and are in our third decade of doing so. Come visit us, and experience A Higher Standard of Service.



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