BMW Oil Change in Portland, OR

BMW Oil Change in Portland, OR | Pacific Motorsports

Machines, like automobile engines, require lubrication to facilitate the movement of metallic parts against each other as they operate. These lubricants break down and become dirty as they function. To ensure proper operation, this lubricating fluid, what we call engine or motor oil, must be replaced at certain intervals.

An engine oil change is the single biggest thing that can be done to benefit your car. The advantages are many, including longer engine life, improved mileage, and performance.

It is also the least expensive maintenance item that can be done, with potentially the greatest preventative benefit (engine replacement, I’m referring to you).

When looking for BMW oil change near me you don’t want just anyone to replace the lifeblood of your engine, mistakes can happen. We’ve all heard the scary stories of the quick lube places forgetting to replace the oil drain plug or cross-threading it and damaging the oil pan.

Pacific Motorsports - BMW Oil Change in Portland, OR

To minimize the possibility of human error, seek out an established independent BMW specialist, where a career-oriented focus by experienced adult professionals will minimize the chance of surprises.

At Pacific Motorsports we use only the finest BMW engineer-approved full synthetic European motor oil and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filters. Our oil services are performed by the same factory-trained Master Technicians that do all of the other work performed here. This is but one part of our Best Practices approach to everything we do. 

Just came in for oil change. It was quick and easy. The staff and mechanics were friendly and helpful. They do a inspection every time you come in so you know what to expect in the future. I would recommend them anytime.

Dennis Brown - 05/31/2019

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