Popularity of BMW e30 3 Series

We have people stop by to admire our clients’ classic BMWs all the time. These cars evoke nostalgia and pleasant memories of days gone by, and they’re just not as common as they once were. They also reached the bottom of their respective depreciation curves years ago, and have been steadily trending up ever since.

This upward trend has been particularly dramatic with the 1983-1992 (in the U.S.) e30 chassis 3 series cars. What were once plentiful used cars in the $1,000-5,000 range are now $7,000 to $30,000, and up aspirational and collector cars. With BMW’s original M3, the now-iconic e30 M3, going for $75,000 to over one hundred thousand dollars now.

Due to our long-time expertise with these cars, Hagerty Insurance called to interview us about them for their, “Your Definitive 1982-94 BMW E30 3 Series Buyers Guide” published last year. After all, we’ve done everything from M engine swaps and racecar preparation, to ongoing maintenance of high mileage daily drivers, on these cars since our founding in 1996.

These “analog” cars provide an unfiltered driving experience, one where road feel and handling are front and center. With a real back seat and trunk, they are also practical. They also have just enough creature comforts, like A/C, sunroof, real heat, and sound deadening to make the driving experience comfortable.

Should you wish to join the legions of e30 fans, and own one of these sporty, practical, and durable gems, please let us inspect it prior to purchase. Buying a 20 to 30+ year old car presents its own challenges, and a Pacific Motorsports Pre-Purchase Inspection will inform you of exactly what you’re looking at. We know, we’ve been driving these cars since 1984.



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