Driving Older Cars on a Regular Basis

Owning and enjoying vehicles 20 or more years old on a regular basis has its own charms and challenges. Higher mileage due to use is the obvious situation but isn’t necessarily a negative. These are some of the things that one can expect from those that service these cars. 

First of all, they’re fun to drive, as you actually drive the car. We fondly refer to them as “analog cars”, as electronic aids and systems are, for the most part, absent. Steering and road feel, for example, are greater than most new cars, too (electric power steering, anyone?).

The fun-to-drive factor, in addition to style and personal preference considerations, are the primary reasons we hear from our clientele about why they own and drive the cars they do. As I often say, cars are all about emotion, they don’t make rational sense, so drive what brings you pleasure.

These cars present a different set of maintenance issues from a 21st Century car, but at the right shop, like Pacific Motorsports, they’re hardly worth mentioning, as we’ve been dealing with them for decades.

One of these issues can be quality parts availability, as manufacturer support wanes the older a vehicle becomes, as there are fewer of them due to “attrition”. And with lower demand, fewer of these cars on the road, comes lower supply, as we learned in Econ 101. Some aftermarket manufacturers may have an interest in filling a void, but is their product any good? We don’t gamble, and you won’t have to either, as we know where to source the real stuff that works. Hint, it’s not from big-name internet-based sellers of everything.

The second is skilled and experienced technicians. As specialists exclusively in BMW and MINI, we have only the highest qualified technicians, Level 1 Master Technician, and they have been factory-trained on models back to the early 1980s.

If an old-school ride is your preference, let the friendly professionals at Pacific Motorsports help you keep it enjoyably on the road for many more years and miles to come.


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