Why Pacific Motorsports uses Total Engine Oil

A long-time client shared the analysis of the oil in their BMW 328d after their last oil service here at Pacific Motorsports. The column to the right of the Averages column, where the heading is 24,791 miles and the date is 5/19/2020 is with a known quality Brand X diesel motor oil that was in the car when he bought it. The column to the left, dated 9/28/2020 is the Total Rubia Optima 1100 we installed at that mileage and replaced again at 30,800 miles.

As the laboratory reports, the Total motor oil sampled is lower than average, and the previous oil, in the quantity of "undesirable" metals (the ones that indicate engine wear, as they are the metals of which the engine is made) and higher in the desirable ones used as friction reducing additives (Molybdenum and Boron). So, the oil we use here at Pacific Motorsports is superior.

For gasoline engines we use another Total oil that is formulated for sporty driving in modern direct injection engines, especially those with turbochargers. Of course, these oils have been approved by BMW and MINI (as well as other German performance automakers) for use in their engines and we have no reason to expect any different results.

In summary, this is why we use Total oils, they meet all of BMW's standards and approvals, while offering better protection. It’s nice to see independent scientific corroboration for this carefully considered choice of ours. We only veer from the original factory recommendations when there is a clearly superior alternative, and this is one such instance.

This is another example of how we at Pacific Motorsports provide A Higher Standard of Service.


BMW Engine Oil Analysis

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