Think Twice Before Drinking and Driving

BMW e92

I had a dream last night, or was it this morning, about people getting arrested for drunk driving after holiday parties. Yeah, it was kinda depressing.

Statistics went flying by, but the one I can remember, and I seldom remember my dreams, was $10,000. Ten grand is what people have told me they’ve spent on their DUI odyssey. That’s inclusive of fines, court costs, diversion programs, attorney’s fees, etc. Ten grand is a lot of money.

We all know better, we know not to drink and drive, yet people do it daily. As human beings, we have a remarkable capacity for engaging in behaviors that are against our self-interest, and this certainly qualifies as one. 

Please think about it before you start drinking this year. What’s the strategy? In a world of ridesharing options, there are a few worth considering. Make a plan, because having that ignition interlock, if you get to have one while retaining your driving privileges, is going to be a big drag.

When making out your holiday budget or gift buying list think about that unbudgeted ten thousand dollars for a second, then make sure it never becomes a reality.

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