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Grateful for Our Vehicles for Escape and Sanctuary During the Pandemic

Many of us have increased gratitude for our cars since the beginning of the pandemic. We have always used them as “escape pods” and that is one of the many reasons we romanticize them. They allow us to literally flee our normal lives. Who hasn’t burned rubber leaving work, after all? Besides the obvious romantic connotations associated with the automobile, they are also a place of solitary refuge. Seventy-three percent of respondents to a TrueCar survey admitted to using their cars to get some alone time away from those they live with during the pandemic. And you don’t have to be a traveling salesperson or road warrior to have used your car for business, as 37% used theirs for business or personal calls and 32% as an “office”. Confined during various degree of “lock down”, even with those we love, can sometimes be, well, confining. Seventy-two percent of respondents admitted to using their cars for “me time” as a way of dea ... read more

Covid Driven Causes of Increasing New and Used Car Prices

Last summer we wrote about used car prices bucking historical trends and holding steady, and even increasing, during the traditional summer pricing downturn. Now, with an entire year’s worth of data available, an even larger Covid-driven trend is being revealed regarding car prices for both the used and new markets. First, manufacturers began to stop making as many lower profit smaller cars, focusing instead on higher margin trucks and SUVs. This pushed shoppers in that segment to the used market, as their options narrowed, increasing demand. Then Covid hit, forcing factory shutdowns worldwide, limiting availability of new product (3.3 million fewer units in the US alone manufactured in 2020), reducing new car sales and trade-ins and creating further upward pressure on both new and used vehicle prices. Ad ... read more

Covid-19 Protocols & Our Best Practices

Covid-19 Protocols & Our Best Practices

At Pacific Motorsports our orientation has always been towards the health and safety of our clients and employees. To that end we engage in the most prudent Best Practices possible. We have been, and are continuing to, maintain all contact with clients, vendors and our co-workers at an appropriate distance. We have also adopted scheduling procedures that can be conducted via telephone, from initial appointment setting through to final payment.  We request that all vehicles be dropped off outside our front door under the awning, so that we may be aware of your arrival and see you both. Please leave the keys in the car, give us a wave, and we will retrieve the vehicle upon your departure. Our vehicle cleaning procedures have escalated to include immediate disinfection of high touch surfaces such as keys, door handles, steering wheels, shift knobs, emergency/parking brake handles, etc. using Oxivir TB*.  Our technicians who service and drive yo ... read more

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