We often wonder how we look to others and the outside world, and most of us hope that what we put forward is congruent with how we both act and view ourselves. This is such a story.

When searching on the internet for a product or service, one thing that seldom enters one’s mind is how that experience, in the digital domain, matches up with the reality of the physical world. And it never occurred to us at Pacific Motorsports, either, because we consider our outward facing presentation to be the same as how clients are treated under our roof. Yet how do we really know this?

This came into focus recently when a new client returned for some additional work on their beautiful 6 Series. Noticing the out-of-state license plates, I asked how he had found Pacific Motorsports and decided to come here. 

First of all, as an experienced BMW owner he said he didn’t want to go to the dealer, as he had had enough of being overcharged. So, he wanted to find the best independent shop, and one with which he felt comfortable. As a technology person, of course he searched under BMW repair in Portland to get the process started. Then he adjusted and changed the search terms, using BMW mechanic, BMW repair, BMW service and other variations, trying to find as many shops as possible.

He described reading the reviews for each repair shop, paying particular attention to the responses to the negative reviews. “I could tell who was going through the motions and using automated responses, like, ‘We’re sorry you had a negative experience and hope we can do better next time.’ You didn’t have anything like that, I could tell that real people that cared are behind your responses and digital domain. What you said, and how you responded are what helped me decide.”

He finished describing his online search thusly, “I liked how I felt reading your material and looking at your photos. And coming in and doing business with you in person reinforces that. My experience with Pacific Motorsports online, and in-person, are the same, kind, professional and thorough.”

That may be the most gratifying feedback anyone has provided us about Pacific Motorsports, that what we put out to the world is congruent in both word and deed, online and in-person. Thank you, John, for letting us know.

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