BMW and MINI Cooling System Problems

Cooling System Problems, They’re Not Just for Summer.

Lack of heat is often a sign that your BMW’s cooling system isn’t functioning properly. This can be the first sign that something is wrong. It isn’t always the gauge going into the red that signals this problem, lack of heat can, too.

The heat generated by the engine warms the water and antifreeze mixture that cools the engine. This warm coolant flows into the heater core in the interior and is the source of warmth used for cabin heat. If there isn’t any heat, or the heat is weak, that indicates an issue with the vehicle’s cooling system.

Since many MINI Coopers have neither a low coolant warning light nor a coolant gauge, this is often the only way to know that there is a problem with these cars.

Be comfortable, and keep your MINI or BMW in safe operating order, call the Friendly Professionals at Pacific Motorsports if you ever experience a lack of heat situation. It’s an early sign of a potentially bigger and more expensive problem.

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