3 Most Common Reasons Why Your BMW’s AC Isn’t Working

As with everything we do at Pacific Motorsports, we believe in answering the question of, “Why my BMW AC isn’t working” with a proper diagnosis. The air conditioning system contains a number of components, routed together with hoses, valves, and fittings, none of which are inexpensive. 

There are many opportunities for something to go wrong in an air conditioning system, regardless of age. So, if you are experiencing a lack of sufficiently cool air, or worse. Let us properly diagnose why.

Some of the most common reasons BMW and MINI air conditioning systems don’t work include:

A/C Leak

There is currently an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system, sometimes noticeable as a hissing sound in the dash area of your BMW or MINI. It may have leaked out to the point where the system is incapable of functioning as designed. The cause may be a leak from a hose, valve, fitting, or component.

Inoperable Compressor

The compressor is the “heart” of the system, so if it isn’t functioning, the journey beginning with the compressing of the refrigerant cannot begin. 

A/C Fan Not Working

If the cooled air cannot be pushed into the passenger cabin it is not going to do you much good.

Let our factory-trained BMW Level 1 Master Technicians, all of whom are trained and licensed to work on automotive air conditioning systems, bring yours back to where it should be.


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