Pacific Motorsports is the Portland area’s Premier Independent BMW and Mini Cooper Service, Repair and Upgrade Facility. We are conveniently and centrally located on the east side of the Ross Island Bridge.

You’ve come to expect higher performance from your BMW or Mini Cooper and we deliver on those expectations with our exclusive BMW and Mini Cooper Service, Maintenance and Repair staff and facility.

This is what sets us apart from the others.

We’re know your BMW’s needs, history and technology.

Now in our 15th year, we know the BMW alphabet. From Alpina to Z8; 1960’s and 70’s era BMW 2002s and CSs; to BMW 500 horsepower M5s.

More importantly we know how to responsibly provide the BMW and MINI Cooper car service you need where others fall short.

Whether you have a 4 or 12 cylinder powered Bimmer or MINI, we can help you ensure it remains your Ultimate Driving Machine for many years and miles to come.

We have Free WiFi for your convenience too.


The Famous Yellow Bimmer

Performance BMW Magazine (London, England) visited Pacific Motorsports and photographed The Yellow Car.

A broken foot didn't prevent me from showing off my pride and joy.


BMW Specials

15th Anniversary Special

BMW Power Steering
Fluid Flush

Special: $55 (regularly $130.19)

Power Steering Fluid Flush can be messy, but it's essential to the health of your steering system.

Let us do it for you. Make your appointment today.


Mini Specials

15th Anniversary Special

Mini Cooper
Brake Fluid Flush

Special: $50 (regularly $109.23)

We know, once you start driving your Mini Cooper, you never want to stop driving it. But, You still need to change your brake fluid approximately every two years.

If it's time, come see us. Make your appointment today.


Trustworthy Service

We always strive to serve our clients following Best Practices in not only stellar Customer Service, but we strongly believe in respecting Our Planet.

See how we participate in our Commitment to the Environment.

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East End - Ross Island Bridge

Hours: Weekdays 8:00AM - 6:00PM

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