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Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for Driving in the Rain  The season of rain, and sometimes snow, is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest, and with it comes an increase in vehicle crashes. While we cannot control the behavior of others, we can control our own, and utilizing safe driving practices is one. Stopping distances increase on slippery surfaces, so leave more room than you might normally between your car and the one in front of you. Yes, people might (will) cut in front of you into that extra space, it happens to me all of the time. Don’t let those less-than-safe behaviors get to you, and drop back a few more feet after it happens. I’ve spent a bit of time in auto wrecking yards searching for no longer available parts for old BMWs, and with few exceptions, every BMW and MINI I’ve seen had front-end damage. In other words, their career on the road was ended because their driver drove it into something else, often another car. By allowing greater d ... read more

Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood Damaged Vehicles  We’ve seen many images of flooding and flooded cars on the news recently. This year it’s Hurricane Florence making the headlines, last year it was Harvey. In previous years it is been Ike, Sandy, and Katrina. All of these storms have destroyed many cars, with one million being attributed to Harvey alone. These cars don’t all go to the crusher, some get cleaned up and resold, especially the more desirable and valuable ones, like BMWs. We know because we’ve seen some of them here at Pacific Motorsports. As people are more aware of flooding, and the damage it causes, in the areas most affected, these flood cars are usually sent away to be sold, to places where flooding may not be a consideration when shopping for a car. How can one protect themselves from unscrupulous, or merely ignorant, sellers flogging a seemingly ... read more

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